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For those who want to forge a rewarding and challenging career path, ATL Events Group is the ideal destination. The growth possibilities are endless here. We have huge expansion plans on the horizon, so we’re looking for people who want to improve every day to help us reach new heights. Those who come on board will quickly discover the following key benefits:

  • Travel Incentives: Our team members can earn their way to all kinds of amazing trips, including retreats to sunny beaches. We also offer excursions to leadership conferences and networking functions. The connections made at these events create all kinds of positive outcomes. Our people gain sources of good career advice, and potential partnerships for ATL Events Group along the way.
  • Recognition: Our top performers are rewarded for their dedication in a variety of ways. We like to offer vocal praise in front of the entire team, as well as some more formal types of recognition. Award ceremonies at major industry events are always fun chances to highlight our best performers.
  • Team Nights: We make time for fun with our teammates as well. Getting away from our work roles is always worthwhile, because we get to know each other better on a personal level. We make lasting memories, and build morale that follows us back to the office.

We’ve made the ATL Events Group office an amazing place to build a career. Follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about how we recognize and reward excellence.