Launching 2020 With Networking Events.

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We always look for ways to kick off a new year with a bang. For 2020, we thought a couple of networking-heavy travel events would be perfect. Team ATL Events Group will be attending an annual seminar in Dallas, and a prestigious leaders’ meeting in Newport, California to get Q1 off to the best possible start. We can’t wait to put what we learned to good use in the weeks and months to come.

When we head out to these kinds of events, there are a few networking tips we put into action. Body language is one thing we definitely use to our advantage. As we listen to the people we meet, we make consistent eye contact (without staring), and tilt our heads slightly to show that we’re paying close attention. These simple behaviors make potential connections feel valued in the moment and lay the groundwork for lasting bonds.

We also use the other person’s name two or three times during each networking conversation. This is a great way to make sure we stand out in our new contacts’ memories. We also jot down a little something extra on the business cards we give out, including additional contact info. This tends to make the ATL Events Group name – as well as our own names – resonate a bit more.

Our year is already showing signs that it will be one to remember. Follow ATL Events Group on LinkedIn to keep up with all our trips and achievements.